About IDLE Studio

IDLE 工作室由秋韵和乔非凡于 2018 年创立。以艺术为原点,通过展览、出版、公共活动等多种形式探索创造力的边界,折射生活中的灵光。

IDLE Studio is co-founded by Qiu Yun and Qiao Feifan in 2018. Being true to art as the core of our belief, the studio curates diverse programs such as exhibitions, publications, and public events, with an aim to explore the boundary of creativity and to discover the flickering inspirations from everyday life.





Feifan Qiao started her curatorial practice in 2016, currently an Art History and Visual Arts undergraduate at Columbia University. In 2018, Qiao organized the inaugural "CU China Art International Development Forum". Qiao is based in New York and Shanghai.

秋  韵  QIU YUN


策展人与写作者,目前为纽约 Residency Unlimited 驻留策展人。2014年硕士毕业于纽约大学 Tisch 艺术学院。2016至2017年于上海龙美术馆担任“詹姆斯·特瑞尔回顾展”项目总负责人。

Qiu Yun is a curator and writer, currently a curatorial resident at Residency Unlimited. Qiu graduated with an MA from NYU Tisch in 2014. Qiu served as the project manager for the exhibition “James Turrell: Immersive Light” at the Long Museum from 2016 to 2017.